Dr. Daniel Ewon Choe

Position Title
Principal Investigator

Department of Human Ecology
Human Development and Family Studies
Human Development Graduate Group


Children’s difficulties with self-regulation and behavior problems often interfere with their learning in school, the community, and at home. This has lifelong implications on their health, achievement, educational attainment, social status, and social-emotional adjustment. As a developmental psychologist, I am interested in understanding the development of young children’s behavioral adjustment and executive functions that enable them to flexibly adapt to daily stressors, such as social conflict, fatigue, and not getting what they want in the moment. Using a variety of research methods, I work with families, teachers, students, and university staff to understand how children’s social environments impact their behavior and are influenced by it. By knowing what contributes to children’s maladjustment and chronic illnesses, policies can be developed to help prevent them before they are more difficult to treat.